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- Now we keep holiday and rest. Next show were we are going is Turku januari 2009.


30.12.2008 Tomorrow is a new year! It is time to think what happened year 2008...? Most dramatic thing was that day, when we lost Fatima. Then we have  Marra´s accsident ,when she step to a broken bottle witch broke  her tendor. Marra didn´t start her race cureer as i hoped..

 But there have been some positive things too: Ida moved in a our place and get couple of reserve-cac in shows. Marra gedid over on fatima´s lost with Ida´s companion and now she love Ida very mutch. We have been seen friends a lot and we have been meeting a new friends too. It is time to say goodbye to year 2008 and moved on at 2009!

Happy New Year to everybody!!

22.12.2008 Merry christmas to everyone!!!!

Only one day was a snow... Hope that we can get it more.

9.12.2008 We are quite boring to Finlands weather. It is raining allmost everyday. Not snow, only water. It is so dark in outside. Girls are dirty all the time and our home look  just like   "after a war"... I hope that we can get a white christmas.

11.11.2008 Unbeleaveble! Marra walk this morning straight to broken bottle, again! Are we cursed? Fortunate that this time the damage was minimal. I´m still very angry! What is wrong with people? Why have to broke bottles? We were quite lucky this time, but what about next time?Hope that we don´t have to know it anymore...

4.11.2008 I make new webside under Galleria. Please go visit in there. There is some pictures at Marras pedigree.

25.10.2008 We were in Masku to meeting our friends. It was a beautiful sunny day. I take some pictures and update my webside. There is fresh picture allmost every side.

25.9.2008 Concratulations Ida!!! Today is her birthay. She is 4 year old now!!!

23.9.2008 Marras leg is better. Now she can live quite normal. Still, i don´t let her run free. It is too soon. I think she might hurt herself now, becouse she have too mutch energy and power. I hope that i  find some place (soon!), where  Marra can run safely her first steps.

14.9.2008 Ida was dog show in Porvoo. It was nice suprise that she get reserve-cac! Judge wrote nicely. Shame that Marra had to be out of show... but we are happy Idas succses.

13.9.2008 Marra is moving better already. Foot not yet cope with stress, but the direction is a good one. We are going day at a time. Hopefully, Marra will soon run freely, becouse she begins to be energetic and impatient.

6.9.2008 Marra´s plaster has been removed. Foot is a painful, but the walk is going well already. Running does not succeed, with the exception of the three legs. Unfortunately, it seems that's leg does not return to previous levels. Let us hope that the foot in the remaining cosmetic damage does not pose a future health problems.

10.8.2008 Brown Bear Day. Marra ran familiar forest broken bottle. The result was disappointing. Foot tendon broken. This recovery will take a long time. I am so angry with irresponsible people. Innocent animal has to once again pay a heavy price for human foolishness.

13.7.2008 was running competision in Hyvinkää. This was marras third time. Unforgenly everything went wrong...again. Now Marra will take brake and crow home. Will see in future if she try to run again.

28.6.2008 we were sighthound speciality in Mustiala. Ida was BB-3 and get res-cac!! That was very nice suprise. Marra had lost all her coat and it cost too mutch for her. Her show wasn´t succesful.

26.6.2008 Was Marras second running competision. Unforgently everything went wrong and Marra get 0 points. Maybe next time...?

7.6.2008 Was our borzoi-speciality. There was about 160 borzois and day was very long (I start home about and be back midnight..) but also very interesting. It was  nice to see my friends and beautiful dogs. Ida get VG. She was quite boring and didn´t run well. Shame. I think she is just like her mother. Can´t stand any shows... That´s why she is hard to bring to ring.  Marra get exc. That was nice suprise. Well, she move very nice and be nice all the time to ring. I am please for that. Sometimes she really act like a litte baby. Today she was very "professional".

18.5.2008 was Marras first running competision. Unforgently we have no lucky and Marra have to run alone (13 borzois). She start very well ,but half-way she stopped race... I think she need somebody running with her. Not like to run alone. Need some motivation. Well, she was 11.s and get 101points. I hope we have better lucky next race.

Foto: Ella Niinistö

11.5.2008 We were dog show to Rauma. Bolth girl get VG. It was a hot day and especially Marra suffer very mutch those sunshine. Well she is black dog. This was Ida´s third(!) show ever. We weren´t train enaugh  and Ida was a littlebit confiused. However, judge wrote very nicely bolth of them. That was nice.

9.4.2008 Today we do a long trip in forest. Weather was horrible and dogs were so dirty. Well... they enjoy those trip. I wasn´t so happy to wash their coat after trip. But we have fun and that is the point!

7.3.2008 Welcome Ida! We have a new member in our family. Marra get too sad and depressed because we lost Fatima. We were so lucky that we get here Fatimas daughter, Ida (Charlotte´Russe Isadora).  Ida will be co/owned with kennel Charlotte´Russe. Marra is happy again. They like to eatch other very mutch.

28.2.2008 Was terrible day. My Fatima go to heaven.  My heart is broken and i miss her so mutch. Marra is very sad too. Everything happened too fast. This was a horrible tragedy. It is inbossible to understand that my best friend is gone. How to survival on these? How to move on my life? How Marra will survival?

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