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Charlotte´Russe Fatima

Born: 30.12.1998

Say goodbye: 28.2.2008


Father: Charlotte´Russe Derrick

Mother: INT, FIN, DK CH, KBHV-04, FIN KVA-M, Charlotte´Russe Esmeralda

Fatima loved to walk in forest.


Fatima and her just born babies.


Fatimas pups 19days old. There is Charlotte´Russe Isolde, Ithilien, Isildur,Isadora,

Iriada Belajeva and Isilya Elenya!! What a sweethearts!

Fatimas last camping-trip, winter 2008.


About Fatima: She was a one charming girl. Her nature was so sweet and kind. Everybody loved my Fatima. Younger she was quite a hunter and made me trouble to chasing rabbits. But when she got a litte older, she was so easy to keep.

Fatima had a 6 beautiful puppies (kennel Charlotte´Russe I-litter), and she is my Ida´s mom.  Ida and Fatima are a very similar type dogs.

I lost Fatima very tragedy. They found rabbit with Marra and accident happened. Fatima broke her leg badly and i have to make a hard choice. She was quite old lady and i thought that it will be better to let her go. I loved her too much. That day was so terrible. I couldn´t believe that it was our last time together.  Everybody cry when they heard this bad news. Fatima was so loved borzoi. Maybe i could say, that Fatima was  a "dog of my life".  I have been loved all my dogs of course, more than anything,  but Fatimas personality was perhaps the hardest one to lost. I wish that Fatima´s children and grandchildren keep her legacy alive.

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