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Mavra iz Razdolia  "Marra"


Born: 15.5.2006

Say goodbye 22.5.2018


Father:  Ch RUS,BLR,UKR  FT-Hare,CR Cherny Monarch Iz Razdolia

Mother: Ch RUS, Leicro´S Russian Zolka Zara

Marra is mother of Charlotte´Russe M-puppies.

Marra summer 2014


Marra winter 2010.


Marra winter 2010.

Marra is watching birds.

 Playing with friends.

Marra "snow-dog".




About Marra:


She is one grazy dog, in a good way ;) She always want to do something and be always ready to go everywhere. I think that she will be "forever-child". Marra is a nice dog.  She can play with every dogs. Not aggressive at all. She likes to swim and be very often very dirty. Negative nature is running of from me in a forest. She hunting alone and don´t listen what i talk to her. That makes me very angry. She is also quite a noice borzoi. She is "singing" more than my other borzois ever together. At home she is so sweet girl. Allways want to be there where i am. She enjoy places, where is a lot of people and a lot of dogs. She hate to be alone. I always told to my friends that this is so wrong home to Marra. She should live in a big family. (..10 children and 10 dogs...;)) Hah hah haa!! Well... she have to live with me and Ida. I try  to keep her busy and happy. Marra needs quite a lot activity. I hope that i can offer her everything she needs to feel happy.

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