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Charlotte´Russe Desdemona "Demi"

born: 2.6.1996

say goodbye: 27.7.2005

Father: Margiitan Bacchus Bianco

Mother: Fin Mva, Marelden´s Faronja Felitsa


Demi loved walking in forest.

Foto is taken by: Paula Tiittanen (2003)

Demi´s last summer 2005.




Demi was my first borzoi ever (and my first dog ever too!) She was  friendly and  funny. When she was younger, she was a quite trouble-maker... Demi broked my house and everything in there when she was alone at home. It stopped when she was about 2years old.

Demi was a "badluck-dog". She never got any CAC in shows and never won any running competision. She was beautiful but so much bad luck. In running competition she got another dogs  "crashes". That´s why she stopped and didn´t want to run anymore. We even took a couple of years holiday at running competitions... But the first start after holiday was with first time-runner and those dogs "smack-down" my Demi. Then i decided that never again. Even machines stopped working all the time when she were on the competition or training... It was time to give up.

 I was so sad because for her. I really wished that she would have just one succees on her life... but no. Succees or not, she was a wonderful dog at house. Very wise and enjoyable. After all.... that is most important anyway.

Demi was 9 years old when she went to heaven.  I had time to say goodbye for her. Her back getting weaker and one day i saw that now it is time to go heaven. It was so terrible and sad day. I still feel her coat in my hands and hear her voices. I never forgot my sweet and beautiful Demi. She has always a special place in my heart.

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