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Charlotte´Russe Damayanthie

born: 2.6.1996

say goodbye: 4.12.1999


Father: Margiitan Bacchus Bianco

Mother: Fin Mva, Marelden´s Faronja Felitsa


Damayanthie is thinking.

Damayanthie was a wild girl.

Damayanthie watching around.


Damayanthie came to me when she was about 1.2years old. She was a tough and straight bitch, alfa! She was a very promising runner but not a show-dog. Damayanthie was  Demi´s sister and together they broked my home about half year. Then it stops. That was big releaf!! Damayanthie loved her family and sometimes she get fight with another dogs because she think so much like alfa. Those fights always were with other bitches who thought like alfa too.

Damayanthie had amazing head. So beautiful. Judges always praised  her head but not so much rest of dog. She loved to be in show-ring. Thats why i take her there. I know it woudn´t be succesful, but who cares?

Damayanthie died only 3.5years old. Vetenary didin´t know what tooked her. Mystery disease... It was shock. She was sick only a couple of days and then she was gone. (Might been some bakterian which destroy all her body inside, but this is only speculation and best quess what vetenary said.)

It was a sad lost. I think that i can´t never get so magical dog like Damayanthie. She was a one of a kind. I really miss her wild nature and her straight look when she watched you...

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