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Charlotte´Russe Isadora "Ida"

born: 25.9.2004

Say Goodbye: 17.4.2014

Father: Rajalinjan Aramis Malchik

Mother: Fin Mva, Charlotte´Russe Fatima

Lovely Ida

Ida enjoy a beautiful winterday 12.2.2010.

Ida is taken relax.

Ida on her favourite place, Kaaninko.


About Ida:

Ida is most loving person. She is extremely nice nature. Everybody love her and Ida love everybody. She is friendly for every dog (and people) she meet. She don´t understand that somebody can be aggressive? Ida had never be aggressive to anyone. Still,  she likes to chasing a little animals (well she is a borzoi!), but she is not interesting to race. That´s why we only go to shows. Sometimes she is acting like her mom and doesn´t want to move on the ring. Argh!!! But when she moves, she looks so beautiful! She has fantastic movement.

Ida is a super-wonderful dog and i love her very much. She is easy to take with every trip and easy to keep everywhere. I have seen every I-sisters and i think that Ida is most like her mom, Fatima. How charming! I know that Ida can´t  never replace my sweet Fatima, but it is less painful to look how Fatima´s spirit live in her nature. I enjoy Ida´s company for every day. She makes me laugh over and over again. She is so funny and enjoyable borzoi.

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