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28.12.2009 There is some fresh pictures about Marra´s pups. Go "Galleria" and M-puppies. Thanks for the owners!

24.9.2009 All pups are sold. One of pups, Charlotte´Russe Magnolia, will be co-owned with me and kennel Charlotte´Russe. She is beautiful brinde-white girl!


28.8.2009 Go look "Galleria" and there "M-Puppies". There is 6.5weeks-pictures about Marra´s puppies!! More fotos kennel Charlotte´Russe webside!

9.8.2009 Ida was a dog-show in Turku. She was bb-4!!

21.7.2009 We took today pictures our one week old puppies. Here is one sweet picture about Marra and Maverick. Fresh pictures you can find soon to kennel Charlotte´Russes webside...

14.7.2009 Puppies are born! See more "Puppies are born"!

7.7.2009 Marra´s puppies birthday are coming closer. We wait puppies to born next week. Very exciting! Marra have now very big stomage and she is lazy and taken relax.

1.7.2009 Today we get  Marras fiancee (Charlotte´Russe Glenn Miller) hips-document. It was AA!!

27.6.2009 We were a dogshow in Hämeenlinna. Ida get exc and Marra vg. I wonder that it was too late to go with Marra to showring. Her stomage was quite big allready and she was a little tired. Judgement was nice, but i know that Marra was little too heavy and lazy to bring a showring. Now Marra will probably take a mother-holiday a rest of year.

11.6.2009 Marra was today in vetenary and now is sure that Marra is pregnant!! Go look more information "Breeding Plans 2009". There is new wonderful picture about Glenn Miller too.

7.6.2009 Yesterday we were in Mustiala, Borzoi-speciality show. There was about 120 borzois. Weather was cold and it raining time to time. Anyway the day was interesting and it is allways nice to see so many friends. Our results was Marra exc, and Ida Vg. Judge wrote nicely for bolth of them. That was very nice.

Iz Razdolia was breeders 3th. Foto is taken by Ella Niinistö.

14.5.2009 Jihuu!! Marra is mated with Miller. If everything goes right, we excpect puppis week 29!!! See more information "breeding plans 2009".

28.4.2009 We were with Ida and Marra to  our past friends graves. I put some spring flovers on their graves. There is some new pictures our Past link.

5.4.2009 We were near to water and Marra go swim right away! There was still ice, but it didn´t stop Marra to go in there. She love to play in water!

22.3.2009 We have some breeding plans with kennel Charlotte´Russe!! Please go look to "breedeng plans 2009".

-Marra was winter coursing competision in Mustiala 8.3.2009. Unforgently she stopped race again. It is shame, but maybe is time to quit a little moment. Marra had have so mutch bad luck on her race-cureer and she is trained too little to "kill a plastic back". She had have "lady-days" a wrong time allmost all her active cureer. She have been hurt her self a many time. Worst thing was a broken tendor last year. It took a long time to getting better of that. Marra has been kill a real rabbits and rats! I think she don´t understand why she have to run after plastic-back, because it is so mutch funnier to run after real thing...

It is killing me, because i know that Marra is extremely fast borzoi and it is shame that we can´t show it all the world. People always look a dogs papers...We have not any titles in there. But i know that Marra is good borzoi. She knows how to hunt. If she live in Russia, she could hunt in there and get Hare/Fox-titles. Here in Finland she couldn´t do that. But... she is still my lovely Marra. Titles or not. I know what she is and that is most important. She is good and friendly borzoi with wild nature. ;)

Foto: J. Kaakinen                                Foto: E.Niinistö

- We were 28.2.2009 Kaarina sighthound show. Marra get exc and Ida exc/4.

-31.1.2009 I put some new pictures on my webside. Most of all is  Past side. Please go to look.

-   We were 24.1.2009 in Turku top dog show. Bolth girls get vg.

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